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Empowering Property Decisions - Your Trusted Home Inspector in North Georgia

Empowering Property Decisions - 

Your Trusted Home Inspector in North Georgia

At TNGA Home Inspections, we empower home buyers and homeowners in North Georgia with detailed property inspections and professional advice.

TNGA Home Inspection was founded in 2024 by Heather Burrage. Our story originated from a pivotal experience when purchasing a second home in Georgia. Despite having navigated the home-buying process before, we found ourselves blindsided by critical oversights in the inspection process. Motivated by our own ordeal, we embarked on a mission to redefine the standards of home inspections. With a deep commitment to integrity and transparency, we established TNGA Home Inspections to ensure that no homeowner would endure the same setbacks they faced.

We recognize the importance of clear communication and exceptional customer service, distinguishing ourselves in the home inspection industry.

As a family owned business, we bring a personalized touch to every inspection and prioritize our client's needs and concerns above all else. At TNGA Home Inspections, our dedication ensures peace of mind for homebuyers and sellers alike.

Hi, I'm Heather Burrage, the owner of TNGA Home Inspections. With certifications from InterNACHI (#24022626) and HSPA CRCST, I bring a wealth of expertise to the table.

When I'm not inspecting properties, you'll likely find me indulging in gardening or tackling the next project on my home improvement list. With dedication and a keen eye, I'm here to ensure your home inspection experience is nothing short of exceptional.

InterNACHI Certified Home Inspector


Our mission is to provide comprehensive and unbiased home evaluations at a fair price. We strive to provide homeowners with the insight essential for making informed decisions about their most important asset, ensuring a sense of calm at every turn.

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Ensuring Your Peace of Mind in North Georgia

Our professional home inspector in North Georgia is committed to delivering thorough inspections that help you make confident decisions about your property.

InterNACHI Certified Home Inspector

TNGA Home Inspections provided a detailed and comprehensive report. I feel confident in my purchase decision

InterNACHI Certified Home Inspector

The report from TNGA was clear and concise. It helped me understand the condition of my property

InterNACHI Certified Home Inspector

The team at TNGA not only inspected my property but also guided me on the next steps

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